Psychometric Services

TM has access to some of the best resources in the field of psychometric testing services, and a long standing clientele for specialized inputs.

  • Conducting assessment and development centers.
  • Competency enhancement and empowerment programs.
  • Coaching and mentoring workshops
  • Selection decisions for key and strategic positions
  • Designing, diagnosing and coaching hi-performing teams
  • Designing talent development plans based on individual strengths as identified through psychometrics.

Members of TM have accreditation and experience for facilitation of individual counseling and team building. Some of the notable accreditations include

  • FIRO-B & FIRO-Business from CPP, UK
  • 16PF from IPAT, USA
  • Team Coaching from Belbin Associates, UK
  • Personality profiling, team audit, general intelligence assessment from Thomas International, UK
  • FACET5
  • TEIQ from Thomas International, UK
  • Hogan Assessments, USA
  • PDA Behavioural Assessment from PDA International
  • Harrison Assessments