Retail Selling Skills

A two-day highly participative modular based course. Each module comprises a series of exercises, mini-case studies, personal behavioral check-lists and instruments and simulated role plays, all designed to enhance the customer interaction skills of the participants. The role-play briefs are constructed as mini-case studies.

Participant will be given opportunities to practice their selling skills in video-taped role plays. This is a time-consuming event. Each role-play requires at least 20 minutes for the simulation and the group-led feedback. These logistics mean that the program is for a maximum of 12 people and is interspersed with discussions, exercises and mini-lectures

Day One

Session One
Professionalism and the principles of selling and marketing
Oral communications skills – basic and advanced

Session Two
Client focus – moving from product- to market-orientation
The basic skills of marketing in financial products
The unique strengths of finance cos.
Capitalizing on existing client relations

Session Three
Client relations and customer-influencing skills
Defining needs from the client’s perspective

Session Four
Questioning and listening skills – gathering information
Selling situations – simulation role play

Day Two

Session One
Features, advantages and benefits
The client’s decision-making process

Session Two
How customers define their buying and decision-making needs
Handling objections, reservations and general sales-resistance

Session Three
Closing the sale – gaining the client’s agreement
Selling skills – closing the sale – role play

Session Four
Quality and service – delivering beyond client expectations
The sales cycle

Rajan Sinha, CEO, Mantrana Consulting P. Ltd. and Vikas Wali, Sales training expert. Rajan has over 3 decades’ experience in HR and training. Vikas has around two decades experience in selling experience in leading Indian corporates and MNCs, and is Xerox award winner.