Soft Skills

Assertiveness Skills

INRODUCTIONOur behavior at work can vary depending upon the circumstances we face. Sometimes, we can feel quite confident to deal with a particular situation and at other times, we feel threatened and fearful. The outcome of these interactions will differ … Continue reading

Communication Skills Workshop

INTRODUCTION When working with and through others, the process can be either rewarding or frustrating depending upon the ability to communicate. Beyond preliminary exposure to language grammar and syntax, and possibly a few elocution /debating contests/jam sessions, many people are … Continue reading

Emailing and Teleconferencing Skills

INTRODUCTIONWe all feel overwhelmed sometimes by the sheer volume of email received. Much of it is unnecessary; some of it is spam. This program will offer some techniques for dealing with emails you have received, and writing emails that your … Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence

Context & RelevancePerformance in the workplace is now perceived to be more dependent on a set of competencies comprising Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI has been found to be the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and leadership. Lanco Infratech has … Continue reading

Interpersonal Skills

INRODUCTIONOne of the most exciting things in the world is to learn how to communicate effectively on an interpersonal basis. What most people don’t realize is that all of our behaviors, not just our speaking and listening, communicate something. Therefore, … Continue reading

Managing Conflicts and Differences

INTRODUCTIONConflict can cause lost time, resources, and efficiency in any work team. But when managed well, conflict can result in new ideas, more informed decision making, and better performance. But managing conflict effectively requires skill, knowledge and experience. These days … Continue reading

Managing People on the Shop Floor

Introduction Empowering employees to become more productive and effective and to have a greater degree of commitment is the focus of this programme. This skill development workshop directs and teaches first-level and first level managers the basics of communication, motivation, … Continue reading

Managerial Effectiveness

INTRODUCTIONWinning competition in this era of white water change requires continuous up- dation of knowledge, skills and attitudes; and ability to unlearn whatever may even have been successful in the past. It also requires capacity to build people through challenging, … Continue reading

Negotiation Skills

INTRODUCTIONThe ability to negotiate effectively is a core competency directly influencing organizational success. This workshop offers a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation in all its facets. You will learn about the dynamics and nature of negotiations through small group work … Continue reading

Ownership and Commitment

What is Ownership? When a person truly feels as if a certain business or department is his / her own. When a person would take every decision concerning internal or external customer keeping in mind that any wrong move by … Continue reading

Personal Growth and Effectiveness

INTRODUCTION Today’s rapidly changing workplace requires managers to be adept at a range of skills and behaviors many of which were either considered inborn or required a much longer socialization process and experience to master. Latest researches have conclusively established … Continue reading

Presentation Skills

INTRODUCTIONPresentations are a powerful way of getting the message across, whether at a conference, in the boardroom, during a training session or at a staff briefing. Most managers are expected to give presentations in a variety of contexts. The experience … Continue reading

Stress Management

INTRODUCTION Modern times are full of change, uncertainty, variable environment and unpredictable human behavior. But then, each generation has always thought so. Stress management is a recent perspective about a fundamental human fact. Executives undergo stress due to the highly … Continue reading

Team Building Skill

CONTEXT AND RELEVANCE Like it or not, modern organizations are all about team working. The strength of an organization is not brilliant people, but how ordinary people coalesce together to perform and give extraordinary results. Capability enhancement of teams in … Continue reading

Work - Life Balance

Struggling to juggle the competing demands of work, home, family and friends can become a downward spiral of fatigue and stress but there is another way forward. Work-life balance is about helping employees to maintain healthy, rewarding lifestyles that will … Continue reading

Managerial Grid

Managerial Grid workshop, based on the concept propounded by Dr R Blake and Dr J Mouton, is a very powerful experiential learning exercise to help managers develop competencies to work effectively as a leader and building performing teams while achieving … Continue reading